Emporium Paradiso Collection coming September 2016

Summer is on the way. I’m pretty sure I’m not just imagining the evenings getting lighter for longer and anyway, it’s kinda an established thing. We finish with Winter and then endure the allergy season before we can begin to plan lazy days filled with lounging, dining with friends and celebrating the best Australia has to offer!

And speaking of the best we have to offer, Emporium is releasing a new collection, Paradiso come October which will give you time to set up a tropical themed paradise for your summer decor!

The collection includes vases, candles, canisters, photo frames, pots, wall art, baskets and cushions.

These gorgeous tropical paradise products will be arriving in stockists throughout September and October, so your best bet is to call ahead to see if your favourites have arrived!

My favourites, the Paradiso cushion and Monstera Wall Art are both arriving early October, so I’ll be heading into my local store to grab them while they’re in!

You’ll find Emporium products in homewares stores around Australia and to find the nearest to you, just pop your postcode into the snazzy little app on their website and off you trot!


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