Studio 1957 Interiors

We specialise in Creative, Eclectic, Modern interiors designed for creative families who love fun! We design with your lifestyle and each family member in mind resulting in creative & inspiring, livable spaces that each of you will love.

We can:

  • work with you on a totally cohesive, livable and inspiring plan for your home decor
  • work with you on a home ‘ingredient’ plan, bringing together all of the pieces of the home decor puzzle so you can get to work with an easy-to-follow plan
  • source furniture, upholstery, paint, flooring, tiles, etc.
  • or, take care of all the above while you do your thing!

We love bringing together cohesive, stylish homes; designing fabulous and memorable event styling and giving you a fresh set of eyes to help your home look its best for sale!

I’m on study break at the moment and am not taking on additional clients, but if you are interested in chatting further, I’d love to discuss your needs.
Just send a message via the contacts page.